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Hours 10:00–19:00 (Last admission: 18:45)
Closed Days Year-end and New Year holidays
December 31–January 2

Admission Fees

Category Adults Elementary and junior high school students
Individual 400 yen 200 yen

(10 people or more)

300 yen 150 yen


Elementary and junior high school students living in Hyogo
Admission is free with the “Kokoron card” distributed to elementary and junior high school students who live or attend school in Hyogo.
Accompanying children and students living in Kobe
Admission is free with a “Nobi-nobi passport.”
Person with disabilities
For those who have a physical disability certificate, nursing care booklet, or mental disability certificate: Special rate (300 yen for adults and 150 yen for elementary and junior high school students).
The special rate is for the person with disabilities and the caregiver of a Level 1 or 2 physical disability certificate or medical care certificate holder.

* The above discounts cannot be used together. The discount with a larger amount of reduction will be applied.

Fees for Hands-On Workshops (Admission fee is not included.)

Hours 10:00–18:00
Fees To make one bead ¥1,350 / two beads ¥2,300
※ More than two beads: ¥950 will be charged for each additional bead.
In the case of making a shiny bead, an additional ¥200 will be required for each.
Age Requirement Ages 9 years old and above
(for safety reasons arising from the use of a hot burner)

• Please note that we may limit the number of people in the workshop to avoid congestion. We would ask you to come with spare time.

For more information about the hands-on workshop, please refer to the “Hands-On Workshop” page.

Parking Lot

There is no parking lot.
if you are coming by car, please use the paid parking lot nearby.

Notes on Viewing the Exhibit

• Please do not touch the permanent exhibits or display cases.
• You are requested not to take photos, videos, or copies, and not to use mobile phones in the permanent exhibition and museum shop.
• Eating, drinking (including candy and chewing gum), and smoking are not allowed in the museum.
• No animals or dangerous items are permitted in the venue.
• Please be quiet in the museum.